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Selection Criteria

The general guidelines for Selection Criteria for EU Election Observers form an annex to the EC Communication of 2000 on International Election Observation. You can read the whole Communication here.


EU Election Observers

  1. The observation of elections continues to be an important component of the EUís policy of promoting human rights and democratisation throughout the world. The adoption of EU guidelines on preconditions for EU observation missions and a code of conduct for EU electoral observers represented an important step towards enhanced co-ordination within the EU. Further coordination within the EU could be achieved through the implementation of the following EU guidelines on common criteria for selection of electoral observers.

  2. Selection of candidates for participation on EU electoral observation missions should, as a rule, be made according to a set of common criteria in order to ensure a high professional standard of EU observers. The following criteria are intended as guidelines for the selection of observers for EU electoral observation missions. They are not necessarily intended as guidelines for the selection of observers for missions of other international organisations (e.g. UN, OSCE). They are not intended to apply to members of Parliament.

    1. All candidates for participation in EU electoral observation missions (short term observers as well as long term observers) should ideally fulfill standards

    2. Additional criteria should be taken into account when selecting long term observers

    3. Mission leaders and/or long term observers acting as team co-ordinators should ideally have furthermore...

  3. Specific mission-related requirements

Specific mission-related requirements should be established following a pre-mission analysis of the type of election anticipated.

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