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Introducing the Declaration of Global Principles for Non-Partisan Election Observation by Citizen Organisations

Following the successful implementation of the Declaration of Principles for International Election Observation, NDI has been facilitating a consensus building process, initiated through the Global Network for Domestic Election Monitors (GNDEM) and including representatives of the existing and developing regional networks of nonpartisan domestic elections monitoring organisations, aimed at developing a declaration of principles for domestic nonpartisan election observation/monitoring.  UNEAD has been co-facilitating the process and the NEEDS Project has also provided support in building consensus around it.

The Declaration of Global Principles provides for two levels of endorsements:

1) by nonpartisan domestic election observation/monitoring organizations; and

2) endorsements by intergovernmental and international nongovernmental organizations concerned with or that support domestic nonpartisan election observation/monitoring.  The second type of endorsers are be noted as "Supporters of the Declaration".

During the 1st EU Forum for Domestic Election Observers, organised last July in Brussels by the European Commission, GNDEM was given the opportunity to present the new Declaration to more than100 domestic observers organizations attending the event.

NEEDS also works together the GNDEM to strengthen the development of shared values in domestic observation and providing technical assistance and training services to its members.

The Domestic Observer Forum, July 2010 - Brussels, witnessed the creation of a new regional network, RONACO

The NEEDS training, organised in Dakar in November 2009, conducted a session on how to create regional networks of domestic observer groups. To illustrate the presentation, NEEDS invited a representative of the regional network Acuerdo de Lima. Following the learning outcomes, 12 organisations for Africa Francophone countries decided to create a regional network. With the constant technical support of NEEDS project and its partners, EISA and CAPEL, the new network was officially launched during the Domestic Observer Forum organised by the European Commission on the 14 and 15 of July 2010. The Déclaration de Bruxelles 15 juillet 2010 gave birth to the « Réseau des Observateurs Nationaux de l’Afrique Centrale et Occidentale ». The RONACO is composed by:

Domestic Observers’ Forum, Enhancing EU support to domestic election observers

NEEDS helped to bring about the first EU Global Forum for Domestic Observers, which took place on 14-15 July 2010 in Brussels. There were 66 countries participating and 85 organisations from around the world. NEEDS organised the participation of 85 civil society organisations. Five regional organisations were involved in preparing the discussion topics and in the facilitation of the event (EISA, ANFREL, ENEMO, Acuerdo de Lima and CAPEL).


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