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International Organisation for Migration


International Organisation for Migration, Established in 1951, IOM is an international organisation with 125 member states and a further 94 observers, including 18 states and 76 global and regional IGOs and NGOs. IOM has approximately 5,600 staff and currently over 1,700 ongoing projects. The structure of IOM is highly decentralised, with offices in over 100 countries for a total of 430 field locations. The strengthening of democratic institutions through the promotion of national and local elections is a fundamental component of democracy, human rights, conflict prevention in third countries, and community stabilisation. In this context, IOM focuses its activities on providing access to voting to diasporas, supporting EU Election Observation Missions in third countries and assisting governments in the enfranchisement of internally displaced groups. Election Support and External Voting Activities are coordinated by the Election Support Unit in Geneva, while EU Election Observation Missions are implemented by the Election Unit in IOM- Brussels, also facilitating liaison with the European Commission, European Parliament, European Council and EU Member States. IOM has supported the implementation of 40 EU Elections Observation Missions (EU EOMs) worldwide. For more information, please visit the IOM Website