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International IDEA

International IDEAInternational IDEA is the sole inter-governmental organisation whose purpose is to strengthen sustainable democratic processes worldwide through comparative knowledge resources, assisting in reform and influencing policies and politics. International IDEA has over twelve years’ expertise in providing assistance and knowledge tools for electoral processes and electoral framework design, with specialised training materials for elections. As a signatory of the Declaration of Principles on International Observation, International IDEA has a long-standing commitment to the advancement of democracy through electoral and institutional reforms as a result of objective and comprehensive assessments of electoral processes worldwide. Its specific policy objective in the framework of the Declaration of Principles on International Electoral Observation is to promote the insertion of observers’ recommendations in the post-electoral political dialogue and reform process of the beneficiary countries, in the interest of long-term and sustainable development of the beneficiary countries’ democratic institutions.

International IDEA brings its large knowledge base and human resources to the project, located within the Department of Design of Democratic Institutions and Processes, the Electoral Processes Unit and other specialised teams with highly qualified expertise on gender and conflict resolution issues. In addition, it provides specific areas of expertise in elections through its leading role in the development of global tools like the ACE Electoral Knowledge Network, I-Know politics and the BRIDGE Project (the most popular learning and training instrument for electoral administrators in the world) and through the network of ACE Regional Electoral Resource Centres. For more information, please visit the International IDEA website.