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How to apply

Join the EU Roster of International Election Observers

The European Commission has developed a roster which accelerates the observers' selection process and makes it more transparent, impartial and uniform.

In order to be eligible for training, you must first register your candidacy for international election observation on the EU Roster. In order to take part in NEEDS training, you must be a European citizen. Your first action should be to register your CV on the EU Roster. Click on the subheading Insert CV to fill in your details.

All candidates (core team and observers) interested in participating in an Election Observation Mission have to register their candidature in the Election Roster. The minimum requirements to become an observer are defined in the EU Guidelines on Common Criteria for the Selection of Electoral Observers.

Apply for Training

  1. Check on the latest news and updates on available training events on our website.

  2. Check your suitability for the training do you fulfill the selection criteria, is your background suitable, are your language skills relevant? You can find information on the selection criteria for each training event in the notice on our website under Latest News.

  3. General selection criteria for election observation are outlined in the Selection Criteria page of the Training Events section.

  4. Make sure you are registered in the EU Roster and that your CV is up to date.

  5. Contact your Focal Point (the person in your Member State Ministry for Foreign Affairs or other body responsible for proposing candidates for Election Observation Missions to the European Commission) to let them know you are interested in taking part in a training event.

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