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NEEDS has produced a six-module elearning course for Short-Term Observers on Safety and Security in the Field.

To access the elearning course, you must Register first. Please note that before being granted access, your application request will be forwarded to the EU observation services for approval. You will then be notified by email of the result.


Log in screen

After registration, and after being enrolled in the elearning course, you will need to login using the same username and password used in your registration form.






Once you login, your profile page lists the available courses. The STO Saftey and Security course is the main link. Clicking on it will allow you to enter the course that starts with this introduction (click on the left picture).




Choose your security expert

You can skip the introduction by selecting the skip intro link on the bottom left corner or learn more about the product. The six module course starts with the main screen asking you to select your security expert.




E-Learning Trailer

Enjoy a little preview of the course and please note that the system saves your location for the next log in when you select the "Save and Exit" button. Good luck !




The course is tailor made to help new STOs understand the safety and security challenges of working on an EU Election Observation Mission. Based on content developed by experienced EU Security experts, the modules guide STOs through the use of audio, text, interactive games, animated storylines illustrating security challenges and tests that lead ultimately to a certificate upon passing the final exam at the end of the course. The modules deal with all the general aspects of participating in an EU EOM, from preparations prior to deployment, to arriving in the country, deployment to the area of responsibility, observing the campaign, safety around Election Day and returning home. Security considerations that are specific to the country of deployment will be covered by the security team on the ground. This course provides a good starting point for beginners to electoral field work to help understand the challenges and prepare for the task more thoroughly, but is also a useful refresher for every experienced observer.